Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter is one that is sent along with your CV when you are applying for a job. The purpose of a cover letter is to elicit a positive response from your prospective employers by highlighting the plus points in your resume.

Cover letter outline

A cover letter is a formal letter and therefore it should have the same format as a formal letter.

  • Begin your cover letter by placing your address at the top of the page. Don’t put your name with the address. Put the date directly under the address.
  • Put the name and address of the person you are writing to slightly below the date.
  • Use complete title and address; don’t abbreviate. Do not use a title like Mr. together with a first name.
  • Write directly to the person in charge of hiring. If you don’t know his or her name, you can use the salutation Dear Sir or Dear Madam.
  • Sign with your full name, but without writing any title (Mr/Ms/Dr/etc). Put your handwritten signature above your name.

What to write an what not to write in a cover letter

Cover Letter Sample

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