How to Write a Credit Letter? Tips and Examples

Credit letters should be brief. Avoid all unnecessary details. Use polite and persuasive language. Avoid being overly demanding. Also, do not threaten the reader.

Here are some examples of credit letters.

Sample 1

We are writing to inform you that your account payment has been overdue for over 90 days. Furthermore, our two previous letters received no response from you. Under these circumstances, we must warn you that if your payment does not reach us within 15 days, the matter will be turned over to a collection agency.

We understand that our customers are busy and it can be difficult to meet all obligations on time. Nonetheless, making payments before the due date is absolutely essential for a customer to maintain a good credit history. Now in case, you need more time to make the payment, you may meet the manager to discuss your situation.

Credit letter sample 2

We are disappointed that your payment has been overdue for over 60 days. Regardless of our efforts to solve the issue, you have neither made the payment nor responded to our letters. Now you have just two options: Make full payment now to avoid further collection action or become prepared to face legal action. A court judgement can be expensive and if it goes against you, it will seriously damage your credit record.

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