English Vocabulary Practice Worksheet

Here is a practice worksheet to sharpen your English vocabulary. In the following questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the best alternative.

1. His jokes failed to ————— even the faintest of smiles from her.

a) invoke
b) elicit
c) attract
d) make

2. What were their chances of eliciting any worthwhile information from such an ——————————- uncooperative witness?

a) obstinately
b) dangerously
c) madly
d) maliciously

3. Let’s ————– your plans first.

a) discuss
b) discuss about
c) discuss over
d) discuss into

4. He got —————— in corporate politics and ruined his bright future.

a) entangled
b) engaged
c) involved
d) inspired

5. She is just the —————– of elegance.

a) instance
b) example
c) epitome
d) model

6. The university ——————– an honorary Doctor of Law degree on the president.

a) conferred
b) concerned
c) presented
d) gifted

7. The chairman said that the board is not ————– to the idea of further talks.

a) adverse
b) averse
c) considering
d) interested

8. They decided to part ways through an —————- settlement.

a) amiable
b) amicable
c) friendly
d) peaceful

9. Successful people are those who —————– themselves to changing circumstances.

a) adopt
b) adapt
c) adjust
d) appropriate

10. She soon ——————- the role of chief confidante.

a) appropriated
b) appreciated
c) associated
d) none of these

11. A —————— is a person somebody trusts and discusses personal matters and problems with.

a) friend
b) associate
c) subordinate
d) confidante

12. This is a scene —————– from the author’s memoirs.

a) abstracted
b) removed
c) extracted
d) alluded

13. At long last, the investigative officer managed to ————– a confession from him.

a) receive
b) obtain
c) extract
d) invoke

14. Credit card crime is reaching —————— proportions.

a) endemic
b) epidemic
c) unbelievable
d) great

15. What I loved best about the book is that it made no —————- to being great literature.

a) pretensions
b) apprehensions
c) airs
d) osing

16. I was congratulating myself on my driving skills, when I ————–into a snow bank.

a) ran
b) skidded
c) drove
d) move

17. Her —————– nature made her well-loved in the town.

a) amiable
b) amicable
c) hostile
d) haughty

18. An unusual condition present at birth is called a ——————- disorder.

a) congenital
b) congenial
c) habitual
d) malignant

19. The stories about the boy’s adventures in the jungle —————– their imaginations most.

a) attracted
b) captured
c) captivated
d) improved

20. The visitor was welcomed —————– and introduced to the Governor.

a) ceremoniously
b) ceremonially
c) affectionately
d) perfectly

21. These shop-soiled articles are for quick —————- at low prices.

a) disposition
b) disposal
c) dumping
d) retention

22. China has claimed certain Russian territories —————- to her borders.

a) continuous
b) close
c) contiguous
d) connected

23. It was a —————- violation of the suspect’s civil rights.

a) flippant
b) flagrant
c) veiled
d) fragrant

24. He seems to be bent —————— mischief.

a) on
b) at
c) in
d) over

25. On our way to school, we came —————- an old gypsy.

a) over
b) Across
c) At
d) To


1. elicit
2. obstinately
3. discuss
4. entangled
5. epitome
6. conferred
7. averse
8. amicable
9. adapt
10. appropriated
11. confidante
12. extracted
13. extract
14. epidemic
15. pretensions
16. skidded
17. amiable
18. congenital
19. captured
20. ceremoniously
21. disposal
22. contiguous
23. flagrant
24. on
25. across

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