How To Write An Appointment Letter

So you want to schedule an appointment. You can either call the person(s) you want to meet or send them an appointment letter. Business people often prefer the latter method.

Appointment letter samples

Why you should write rather than call?

If you make a phone call, you might receive an instant reply. There is one problem, though. A phone call doesn’t give the other person enough time to think so they might just decline the appointment. A letter, on the other hand, allows them to respond only when they are ready to do so. This also improves your chances of getting a positive reply. Here are some tips for writing an effective appointment letter.

State the reason for meeting

Start the letter by mentioning or restating the reason for the meeting. You should also describe what you want to accomplish by having an appointment with the other person / party. This will help them come better prepared. If you want them to bring some documents or other papers, don’t forget to mention that in your letter. Keep the tone of your letter polite.

Don’t forget to mention the date on which you would like to meet. Briefly mention the names of all individuals who will be present during the meeting. Indicate a date by which you expect a reply from the reader(s) stating whether they would be able to attend the meeting or not. Include your contact information in the letter.

How to reschedule an appointment?

If you want to reschedule an appointment, politely indicate the reason and apologize for any inconvenience it might cause them. Mention a couple of dates when you are available to meet. Or you can ask the other person(s) to suggest a time that would be convenient for all the people involved.

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