Idiomatic expressions using the word account

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word account.

Bring / hold / call someone to account

To bring someone to account is to force them to publicly explain why they committed a crime or made a mistake.

By all accounts / from all accounts

This expression is used to suggest that you are saying something based on what people say.

By your own account

According to what you yourself have said.

Give a good account of yourself

To give a good account of yourself is to perform or behave well.

Of no account / of little account

If something is of no account, it is not important.

On someone’s account

If you do something on someone’s account, you do it because you think they want you to do it.

On account of

On account of means because of

On no account

This expression is used to say that something must not happen or must not be done.

On your own account

When you do something on your own account, you do it by yourself or for yourself.

Settle an account / settle accounts with

To settle accounts with somebody is to get revenge on them.

Take account of something / take something into account

To take account of something is to consider it.

Turn something to good account

To turn a situation or experience to good account is to make good use of it.