Make questions

An example is given below.

Sushma likes Raju. (Statement)

Does Sushma like Raju? (Question)

1. My father works at a bank.

2. His mother wears traditional Indian clothes.

3. They want to leave now.

4. Doctors treat patients.

5. Cows feed on grass.

6. The sun sets in the west.

7. Reshma sings well.

8. Rajan works hard.

9. Martin eats breakfast at 8 am.

10. Alice works out twice a day.


1. Does my father work at a bank?

2. Does his mother wear traditional Indian clothes?

3. Do they want to leave now?

4. Do doctors treat patients?

5. Do cows feed on grass?

6. Does the sun set in the west?

7. Does Reshma sing well?

8. Does Rajan work hard?

9. Does Martin eat breakfast at 8 am?

10. Does Alice work out twice a day?


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