Phrasal verbs beginning with letter F

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with letter F.

Fade away

When noise, music or hope fades away, it becomes weaker and weaker. The phrasal verb die away means the same as fade away.

Fall apart

When a relationship or marriage falls apart, it fails.

When things fall apart, they disintegrate into pieces.

Fall back on

When you fall back on somebody / something you turn to them when you are in trouble because you have no other choice.

Fall behind

When you fall behind, you fail to do something on time or fast enough.

Fall down

When you fall down, you fall accidentally.

Fall for somebody

To fall for somebody is to fall in love with them.

Fall for

When you fall for something, you are deceived by it.

Fall off

When you fall off a bike or a horse, you fall from it.

Fall out

When people fall out, they quarrel with one another.

Fall over

When you fall over, you fall to the ground.

Fall through

When a project or scheme falls through it fails.

Fed up with

When you are fed up with something, you are tired of it. When you are fed up with somebody, you are no longer interested in them.

Fight off

When you fight an illness or an infection off, you are trying to get rid of it.

Figure out

To figure something out is to understand it.

Fill in for

When you fill in for somebody you do their work temporarily.

Fill in

To fill in a form or a questionnaire is to complete it with correct information.

Fill up

To fill up a glass or a container is to make it full.

Find out

To find something out is to discover information.