Phrasal Verbs With Keep

Here is a list of phrasal verbs and other idiomatic expressions using the word keep. Meanings and example sentences are also given.

Phrasal verbs with keep

Keep at it

To keep at it is to continue doing something even if you want to stop.

Keep going

To keep going is to continue to do something even if it is difficult.

Keep something to yourself

To keep something to yourself is to not tell anyone else about it.

Keep yourself to yourself

To keep yourself to yourself is to stay alone rather than spending time with others.

Keep one’s temper: remain calm

Keep from (prevent, hold back, abstain from)

Keep away (avoid going, prevent somebody from going to or near)

Keep in (restrain one’s feelings etc.)

Keep off (cause something to stay at a distance)

Keep on (continue)

Keep up (prevent (courage, spirits etc.) from sinking)

Keep up (maintain)

Keep pace with (go at the same rate as)

Keep in with (maintain good relationship with)