What Are Participles?

A participle is a word which is partly a verb and partly an adjective. English has two participles: the present participle and the past participle. Forms like running, singing, walking and working are called present participles. Forms like worked, broken, gone, written and walked are called past participles. Uses To form verb forms Participles are used with the auxiliary verbs be and have to make progressive, perfect and passive verb forms. She was crying. (present …

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Participle Phrases

A participle is a form of a verb that functions as an adjective. There are two kinds of participles: present participles and past participles. Present participles end in -ing (jumping, burning, speaking). Past participles usually end in -ed, -t, or -en (jumped, burnt, spoken). Barking dogs seldom bite. (The present participle ‘barking’ describes the noun ‘dogs’.) A rolling stone gathers no moss. (The present participle ‘rolling’ describes the noun ‘stone’.) Don’t cry over split milk. …

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A participle is a word which is partly a verb and partly an adjective. English has two participles: the present participle and the past participle. Forms like running, singing, walking and working are called present participles. Forms like worked, broken, gone, written and walked are called past participles. Uses of participles To form verb forms …

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