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Personal Pronouns Exercise For Class 3

Choose the correct pronouns to complete the following sentences. 1. The guests are waiting in the lobby. Please take ……………………. (they / them) to the living room. 2. My grandparents live in Kerala. We are visiting …………………….. (they / them) in May. 3. I haven’t heard anything from ………………….. (she / her) in a long …

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Common Errors In The Use Of Pronouns

In this lesson we will learn about some common mistakes in the use of pronouns. Correct the following sentences. Incorrect: One should keep his promises. Correct: One should keep one’s promises. Correct: A man or woman should keep his / her promises. One when used in a sentence should be used throughout. Note that in American English, the pronouns he, …

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How To Use Personal Pronouns Correctly

Agreement with the noun Personal pronouns must agree with the nouns they stand for in number, gender and person. John is a good student. He won a prize in mathematics. Alice sings well. She has a golden voice. The children went on a picnic. They had a nice time. Note that here the pronouns he, she and they are of the same number, gender and person as the …

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What Are Personal Pronouns?

The words I, me, he, him, you, she, her, it, they, them, we and us are usually called the personal pronouns. One is also used as a personal pronoun. Who is an interrogative personal pronoun. Personal pronouns are used when it is not necessary to use or repeat more exact noun phrases. Alice sings well. She has a sweet voice. (NOT Alice sings well. Alice has a sweet …

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