Such ... That

The structure such + noun can be used to mean ‘like this/that’. Note that such comes before the article a/an.

The noun can be modified by an adjective.

Such indicates a high degree of some quality. It is used in situations where very is also a suitable word.

Difference between such and very

Both such and very are possible in some situations. However, there is some difference between them. Very is used to merely give information. It does not make a reference to something that has already been said. Such refers back to what has been said.

Both such and very are possible in this case.

Here we are making a reference to something that has already been said. In such situations, only such is possible.

That-clauses with such

Such can be followed by a that-clause. Very cannot be followed directly by a that-clause.

Such as

Such as can be used with a noun to introduce examples.