List Of Synonyms

A synonym is a word which is similar in meaning to the given word. Here is a dictionary of synonyms. Abandon: defection, desertion, withdrawal, secession Abase: degrade, humiliate, embarrass Abate: diminish, appease, lessen, reduce, deduct, decrease Abbreviate: shorten, condense, compress, abridge, curtail Abduct: appropriate, kidnap Abhor: detest, loathe, hate, abominate, nauseate Abnormal: aberrant, unnatural, eccentric, …

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English Vocabulary | Synonyms Synonyms are words of the same grammatical class (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) that have similar meaning. No word means exactly the same as any other word and, therefore, there are no exact synonyms in English. Certain words may convey the same general notion, e.g. slay, kill, murder, execute and slaughter. Though …

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