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How to score well in the IELTS Reading section?

To score well in the IELTS Reading section all that you need to is to find and read the right kind of passages.

More and more employers and immigration authorities now use the IELTS score to determine an applicant’s eligibility for employment or immigration purposes. And keeping this in mind, the General Training Reading section of the IELTS test now focuses on work context. That means the passages given for reading are related to topics like company policies, applying for jobs, workplace facilities etc.

To score well in the IELTS reading test, you need to improve your reading speed by reading more and more text. Bear in mind that just reading a lot won’t improve your scores. What you need to do is to read the kind of reading passages you will find in the IELTS test.

Where to find the passages for reading?

Passages given for reading in the previous IELTS tests were taken from newspapers and magazines like the Economist, New Scientist, American Scientist, the Economist Technology quarterly, the Geographical Journal and the British museum online publications. Note that this is not an exhaustive list and you may be given passages published elsewhere. But if you are familiar with the kind and level of articles published in these magazines you will considerably improve your chances of scoring well in the reading section.

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