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IELTS Vocabulary Exercise

Fill in the blanks using the most appropriate word or expression. Each question is followed by three suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. He is very difficult to ----------------------- with.

a) deal b) dealt c) dealing

2. She has ------------------------ her life to missionary work.

a) dedicate b) dedicated c) dedication

3. Donít ------------------------- your application to graduate school or else it wonít be considered.

a) defer b) differ c) differentiate

4. We took this decision in ------------------------ to the opinion of the court.

a) difference b) defer c) deference

5. I canít ------------------------- the full implications of the Theory of Relativity.

a) comprehensive b) comprehend c) comprehension

6. The servant was ----------------------- for laziness.

a) discharge b) discharged c) discarded

7. We need laws which do not ------------------------ against anyone.

a) differentiate b) discriminate c) distinguish

8. ------------------------ at his laziness, the master dismissed him.

a) disgusting b) disgusted c) disguised

9. That war led to the ------------------------ of the old Austrian Empire.

a) dismember b) dismemberment c) dismantle

10. Since the judge stands to gain from the sale of the property, she cannot be considered a -------------------- party in the dispute.

a) uninterested b) disinterested c) disinteresting


1. Deal 2. Dedicated 3. Defer 4. Deference 5. Comprehend 6. Discharged 7. Discriminate 8. Disgusted 9. Dismemberment 10. Disinterested

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