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Verb patterns and structures - II

Subject + verb + object + complements

Some transitive verbs are followed by an object and an object complement.

  • The people wanted to crown Caesar king.
  • They named the baby Christopher.
  • You may call it what you will.
  • They chose him their leader.

Note that in the examples given above, the complement of the object is a noun or noun equivalent. The preposition as or for is sometimes used with verbs elect and chose, but not with the others.

  • Whom will they chose for their leader?
  • I wonder whom they will elect as President.

Consider the examples given below.

  • The noise drove him mad.
  • He painted the car red.
  • We found the house empty.
  • We consider the matter very important.

Here the complement of the object is an adjective. Sometimes to be is used before the complement.

  • I consider the plan (to be) unwise.
  • Most people supposed him (to be) innocent.
  • I knew him to be conscientious.
  • They have proved themselves (to be) worthy of our trust.
Subject + be + complement

The verb be is followed by a subject complement. The subject complement may be a noun, an adjective, an adverb or an adverbial phrase.

  • He is an engineer.
  • They are our friends.
  • The play was interesting.
  • He is in the next room.
  • God is everywhere.

Some intransitive verbs are also followed by subject complements.

  • She remained a spinster.
  • The crowd turned violent.
  • That sounds funny.
  • I felt miserable.
  • He went abroad.

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