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English Grammar - Free Grammar Worksheets

The comparative and the superlative

Supply the proper form (comparative or superlative) of the adjective given in the brackets. Note that to compare two people or things we should use the comparative and not the superlative.

1. How is your father today? Is he any -------------? (good)

2. December is ----------------- than any other month. (cold)

3. She is ------------------ than her sister. (pretty)

4. Jane is the ---------------- girl in the class. (clever)

5. She is ------------------ than her neighbours. (rich)

6. Honour is ------------------ than life to him. (dear)

7. Name the --------------------- city in the world. (large)

8. He is the ----------------- of the two. (nice)

9. Your sword is sharp, but mine is ------------------ (sharp)

10. There is no animal ----------------- than the tiger. (ferocious)

11. It was the ------------------- moment of my life. (proud)

12. Silver is -------------------- than gold. (light)


1. Better
2. Colder
3. Prettier
4. Cleverest
5. Richer
6. Dearer
7. Largest
8. Nicer
9. Sharper
10. More ferocious
11. Proudest
12. Lighter

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