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Contrasting points

Posted By Manjusha, Filed in English Speaking

Key phrases

On the other hand
Mind you
In spite of

On the other hand; while; whereas

These expressions are used to balance two facts or ideas that contrast, but do not contradict each other.

Arranged marriages are common in many Middle Eastern countries. In the West, on the other hand, they are unusual.
Tom is very ambitious whereas/while his brother is quite the reverse.

However; nevertheless

However and nevertheless emphasise the fact that the second point contrasts with the first. Nevertheless is very formal.

There was little hope of success nevertheless they decided to perform the operation.

Mind you; still

Mind you and still introduce the contrasting point as an afterthought.

I donít like the job much. Mind you/still, the money is OK.

Yet; still; in spite of

These expressions are used to suggest that something is surprising, in view of what was said before.

He is very wealthy, yet/still very happy.
The train was an hour late. In spite of this, I managed to get to the meeting in time. (OR Ö I still managed to get Ö)
It was raining. In spite of this, they went out.


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