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Conversation about broken relationship

Practice dialogues are a great way to improve your English speaking skills. When you listen to a conversation you familiarize yourself with useful conversational structures and vocabulary. Here is a piece of conversation between two friends. One of them has just broken up with her boyfriend.

Storyline: Maya has broken up with her boyfriend. She is so upset that she canít sleep at all.

Yamuna: Maya, what happened to you? Your eyes are swollen. Didnít you sleep well last night?

Maya: I broke up with Arun, but I just canít forget him. I was all over the bed the whole night.

Yamuna: Well, I can understand your predicament. But Arun isnít the kind of guy you should spend the rest of your life with. He just doesnít deserve a good girl like you. Come on. Youíll find a much better guy soon.

Maya: I know he doesnít deserve my heartache. I trusted him, but he cheated me. Still I canít get over him.

Yamuna: Itís understandable, but for the moment, you should divert your attention to something else. Go out and meet your friends. Watch a film or read a book. You might as well start a hobby or learn something new. You will feel a whole lot better if you have something to keep you engaged.

Maya: Youíre right. I must get over this breakup and turn a new leaf.

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