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Conversation between professor and student about missed deadline

Practice dialogues are a great way to improve your English speaking skills. When you listen to a conversation you familiarize yourself with useful conversational structures and vocabulary. Here is a piece of conversation between a professor and a student.


The student failed to submit his project before the deadline. Here is a conversation between him and his professor.

Professor: So you havenít submitted your project yet. This is the second time you have missed the deadline. What do you have to say?

Student: Iím really sorry, Professor. I worked hard on this project but then something went wrong with my experiment.

Professor: No more excuses. We canít tolerate irresponsible behaviour like this.

Student: But, ProfessorÖ

Professor: There is nothing that I can do at the moment. You may talk with the Head of the Department. He might be able to help you.

Student: OK. I will try to see him right away. Thank you.

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