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I'm calling to + (verb)

This structure is used to talk about the purpose of calling somebody by phone. After I知 calling, we use an infinitive with to.

Here are some examples:

  • I知 calling to tell you that I知 interested in the offer.
  • I知 calling to invite you to our party.
  • I知 calling to accept your invitation.
  • I知 calling to reserve a table for four for 8 pm.
  • I知 calling to complain about a problem I知 having with my camera / TV / computer / etc.
  • I知 calling to thank you for your support.
  • I知 calling to apologize for the mistake.
  • I知 calling to tell you that I have received a better job offer.
  • I知 calling to inform you that I cannot accept the job.
  • I知 calling to file a complaint.
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