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I'm sorry to

You can use this structure to express a feeling of sympathy or regret.

Here are some examples:

  • I知 sorry to hear about your Dad痴 illness.
  • I知 sorry to have disturbed you.
  • I知 sorry to offend you.
  • I知 sorry to be so late.
  • I知 sorry to see you go.
  • I知 sorry to reject your offer.
  • I知 sorry to hear that you are unwell.

Note that in this structure, we use a to-infinitive after I知 sorry.

I知 sorry for + (noun / -ing form)

  • I知 sorry for hurting your feelings.
  • I知 sorry for being late.
  • I知 sorry for wasting your time.
  • I知 sorry for disturbing you.
  • I知 sorry for behaving rudely.
  • I知 sorry for breaking the glass.
  • I知 sorry for the interruption.
  • We are sorry for the delay.
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