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I'm working on

You can use this structure to talk about something that you are doing at the moment.

Here are some examples:

  • I知 working on a prestigious project.
  • I知 working on reducing my accent.
  • I知 working on improving my English.
  • I知 working on my communication skills.
  • I知 working on my computer.
  • I知 working on something exciting.
  • I知 working on another website.
Usage note:

Instead of I, you can use other pronouns or nouns as well.

  • He is working on a project.
  • John is working on his website.

Note that after working on, we use a noun or an 吠ng form.

  • He is working on improving his pronunciation skills. (NOT He is working on to improve his pronunciation skills.)
  • She is working on her language skills.
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