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Idioms and expressions with leave

Leave someone cold

When something leaves you cold it completely fails to interest or attract you.

  • Her snobbish nature left me cold.
  • Cricket just leaves me cold.
Leave someone hanging / leave something hanging

To leave someone hanging is to let them remain in a difficult situation. To leave something hanging is to fail to solve a difficult situation.

  • We must do something to help John. We canít leave him hanging.
  • It was a crucial issue that just could not be left hanging.
Leave someone high and dry

To leave someone high and dry is to put them in a very difficult or unpleasant situation.

  • By forming a partnership with our biggest competitor, they have left us high and dry.
Leave it at that

To leave it at that is to not do anything more about something.

  • John has realized his mistake. He has even said sorry, so letís leave it at that.
Leave a lot to be desired

When something leaves a lot to be desired it is of very low quality.

  • The photography of the film leaves a lot to be desired. (= The photography of the film is of very low standard.)
Leave no stone unturned

To leave no stone unturned is to do everything possible to solve a problem.

  • The police officer assured that no stone would be left unturned in the investigation into the murder.
Leave something to chance / fate

To leave something to chance / fate is to not try to change the way something is happening.

  • We canít leave anything to chance, so we must plan for every possibility.

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