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Idioms and expressions with nose

Get right up your nose

When something gets right up your nose, it annoys you a lot.

  • Her impudence got right up my nose.
  • His laziness really gets up my nose.
Have a good nose for something

To have a nose for something is to have the ability to find or recognize it.

  • A journalist must have a nose for a good news story.
Keep your nose out

When somebody asks you to keep your nose out, they don’t want you to know about things which are private.

  • He was so officious that I had to ask him to keep his nose out.
  • Keep your nose out of my business.
Poke / shove / stick your nose into something

To poke your nose into something is to show too much interest in other people’s private matters.

  • What I really don’t understand is why you should poke your nose into my affairs.
  • He has this nasty habit of sticking his nose into my business.
Rub someone’s nose in something

When you rub someone’s nose in something, you keep reminding them about things they do not want to think about.

  • I know I made a mistake – you don’t have to rub my nose in it.
Turn your nose up (at something)

To turn your nose up at something is to refuse to accept it.

  • We offered her a very good job, but she turned her nose up at it.
Under someone’s nose

When something happens under your nose, it happens in a situation where you should notice it, but you do not.

  • The robbery took place right under the noses of the police.
With your nose in the air

With an attitude that shows that you think you are better or more important than other people

  • Ever since winning that beauty pageant, she has been walking around with her nose in the air.

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