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Phrases for introducing and linking ideas

You can make your speech easier to understand and follow by using a variety of words and expressions that introduce and link ideas.

Here are some helpful phrases.

Presenting your point of view

I think that

I think that we are making a huge mistake.

I think that we can trust him.

I donít think that

I donít think that she is the kind of person we should trust.

I donít think that we can solve this problem.

I believe

I believe that a good upbringing is more important than a good education.

I believe that our actions shape our future.

As far as I understand / as far as I know

As far as I know the whole problem was created by your sister.

As far as I understand there are many forces that are beyond our control.

As far as I understand the government isnít keen on solving the power crisis.

I am convinced that

I am convinced that she has some ulterior motives.

I am convinced that we are in serious trouble.

In my opinion

In my opinion, she is the right candidate for this job.

In my opinion, she should make another attempt.

I personally think

I personally think that we must hire a person to handle our front office operations.

I personally think that she should find a job.

I guess

I guess she is making a mistake.

I guess she just doesnít respect you.

I guess she doesnít care about your opinion.

I suppose

I suppose you are very busy just at the moment?

Explaining reasons and consequences

Itís probably because

Itís probably because she didnít work hard.

Itís probably because you didnít apply in time.

Thatís why

Thatís why you need to improve your English speaking skills.

Thatís why you need to change jobs.

One of the reasons for this could be

One of the reasons for this could be his inability to communicate in English.

One of the reasons for this could be their overemphasis on productivity.

What this means is that

What this means is that we have to work twice as hard.

What this means is that you canít have another chance.

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