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Look like death warmed over / feel like death warmed over

To look like death warmed over is to look terribly ill. When you feel like death warmed over, you feel extremely tired.

  • Suma has been ill for several weeks. No wonder she looks like death warmed over.
  • I havenít had any rest in a long time. Actually I feel like death warmed over. (= I feel extremely tired.)
  • I havenít slept in days. I feel like death warmed over.
  • Poor Tom looked like death warmed over when I saw him at the hospital.

The expression look like death warmed up has the same meaning.

Pale around the gills / green around the gills / blue around the gills

Other expressions that have similar meanings are: pale around the gills, blue around the gills and green around the gills.

When you look green / blue / pale around the gills, you look very ill.

  • Are you ill? You look green around the gills.
  • I think I should go home and get some rest. I feel a little pale around the gills.

In these expressions, it is possible to replace the around with about.

  • When I saw John yesterday, he looked a little green about the gills.
  • Ever since eating the fish, I have been feeling a little blue around the gills.

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