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Chatting with people

Making arrangements

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By chatting with people, you can get to know them better. The phrases given in this section will help you talk to your friends, relatives, colleagues and other people that you meet.

Making arrangements

To make an arrangement with a friend or a colleague, use We canÖ

    We can have lunch at a restaurant.
    We can have dinner together.
    We can go the theatre.
    We can go for a walk.
    We can meet this evening.
    We can go by bus.
    We can take the train.

To explain an arrangement, use Iíll..

    Iíll pay for the drinks.
    Iíll buy the tickets.
    Iíll come in the morning.
    Iíll call you before I leave.
    Iíll call you when Iím ready.
    Iíll meet you at the library.
    Iíll pick you up at six oíclock.
    Iíll meet you outside the theatre.

To ask if somebody is happy with a certain arrangement, use IsÖOK?

    Is it OK to bring my brother?
    Is 6 oíclock OK?
    Is Tuesday OK with you?

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