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Phrasal verbs with keep

Keep is used in a large number of common idiomatic phrasal verbs. Here is a list of them.

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a two-word verb whose meaning is sometimes very different from the meanings of the two-words taken separately.

Phrases with keep

Keep around

To keep something around is to continue to possess it even if it is useless.

  • She keeps around quite a few pieces of junk.
Keep at

To keep at something is to work persistently at it.

  • She kept at the puzzle until she put all the pieces together.
Keep away

To keep somebody away is to prevent them from gaining access.

  • The old woman has a watchdog to keep thieves away.
Keep from

To keep somebody from doing something is to prevent them from doing it.

  • What kept you from joining me?
Keep back

To keep somebody back is to maintain them at a safe distance.

  • The police kept the protesters back by blocking all roads leading to the venue.
Keep down

If a patient can keep food or water down, he or she doesn’t vomit it.

  • Did she keep the soup down?

Keep down can also mean ‘repress’.

  • Will you keep down the noise? I’m trying to sleep.
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Phrasal verbs



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