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Sharing an apartment

Rental costs are pretty high in countries like the US and the UK. So if you share an apartment with your friends, you will be able to save money on rents and other utilities. Here are a few questions you might want to ask before you decide to join existing people in an apartment.

Questions you need to ask

‘How much is the rent here?’ / ‘What’s the rent here?’

‘How many people live in the apartment at the moment?’

‘How many bedrooms are there in the apartment?’

‘Will I have to share my room with others?’

‘How many people do you intend to accommodate?’

‘Does the rent cover the utility bills?’

‘What about the neighbours? Are they good people?’

‘What time do you guys usually go to sleep?’

‘Do you cook food here?’

‘Do you hold any parties here?’

‘I’m a quiet person. Does it get loud in here?’

‘Do you have a cable connection?’

‘Do you have an internet connection?’

‘Would you mind if I turned up late at night?’

Here are some common answers

‘The rent is $1600. There are three people at the moment. You are the fourth so you would only pay $400.’

‘There are only two bedrooms so you will have to share your room with another person.’

‘We don’t intend to have more than four people.’

‘No, you don’t have to share your room with others. This is a four bedroom apartment and we won’t be taking more than four people.’

‘The rent covers the utility bills.’ / ‘The rent doesn’t cover the utilities.’

‘Sometimes we hold parties at the weekends and then it can get a little loud. During the week days we are pretty quiet so you won’t have any problems.’

‘We won’t mind your coming late as long as you don’t wake us up.’

‘Yes, we cook our food.’

‘The neighbours are good people. We haven’t had any issues with them.’

‘Yes, we have both cable and internet connections here.’

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