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Showing emphasis

Posted By Manjusha, Filed in English Speaking

In speech, we can make words sound stronger by pronouncing them louder and with a higher intonation. We may also make the vowel longer, and pause before a stressed word. Stress is reflected in printing by using italics or bold type. Changes in stress can affect the meaning of a sentence.


  • Alice phoned me yesterday. (Not somebody else.)
  • Alice phoned me yesterday. (She didnít come Ė she phoned.)
  • Alice phoned me yesterday. (She didnít phone you Ė she phoned me.)
  • Alice phoned me yesterday. (Not today.)

We often stress auxiliary verbs. In emphatic sentences without auxiliary verbs we can add do to carry stress.

  • Do sit down!
  • She does like you.

Special words to show stress

Certain words, such as so, such, really and just, can be used to show emphasis.

  • Thank you so much.
  • It was such a lovely party.
  • She is such a nice girl.
  • I really like her.
  • I just love the way she talks.

Question words can be emphasized by adding ever or on earth.

  • Why ever did she marry him?
  • What on earth is she doing here?

Myself, yourself etc can be used to emphasise nouns.

  • I had a word with the manager himself.

Indeed can be used to emphasise very with an adjective or adverb.

  • I was very surprised indeed.

Very can emphaise superlatives, next, last, first and same.

  • We were born in the very same street on the very same day.

Repetition can also show emphasis.

  • She is much, much older than her husband.

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