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Stating your opinion in English

Stating your opinion

There are very many ways to express your opinion in English. In this article we will focus on some of them.

Expressing your opinion
  • I think you are right.
  • I feel she is making a mistake.
  • I reckon / think / feel / guess she doesnít love you.
  • In my opinion / in my view, this is not the right thing to do.
Expressing your opinion in a less direct way
  • I kind of think that you are making a mistake.
  • I sort of think that she should have resigned earlier.
Softening or correcting your opinion
  • I wonít talk to you again. Well, thatís to say, not unless you give me my money back.
  • Ghosts donít exist. At least, I havenít seen one.
Making a polite refusal
  • Iím afraid I canít help you at the moment.
  • Iím afraid I canít lend you my car.
Making polite enquiries
  • I suppose you are very busy at the moment? (Polite way of asking ĎAre you busy at the moment?í)
Making things clear
  • ĎIím sorry. I mean, I didnít want to offend you.í
  • ĎIím not working for you again.í ĎWell, thatís to say, not unless you give me my raise.í
Showing your attitude
  • Honestly, I didnít think that he would win.
  • To be honest, I am not at all impressed with your idea.
  • ĎWhat do you think of my nail color?í ĎFrankly, my dear, it is a disaster.í
  • To be frank, I didnít like what you said.


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