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Talking about favourite things

Here are a few questions you can use to ask about favourite things.

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Yellow
  • What is your favourite sport?
  • Football
  • Who is your favourtite writer?
  • Hemingway
  • What is your favourtie kind of music?
  • I like classical / western / pop music.
  • Do you play any games?
  • Well, not really. Iím not into sports and games. / Yes, I enjoy playing ball games like soccer and basketball.
  • What is your lucky number?
  • Nine.
  • What kind of food do you like?
  • I like Chinese food. I also like south Indian food.
  • How about movies? Do you watch them often?
  • I watch movies every now and then. / I donít watch movies. I would rather read a book.
  • What city do you like most?
  • Mumbai, of course.

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