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Other words in the family

Accessed, accesses, accessibility, accessible, accessing, inaccessible

Access as a noun

1) the right or opportunity to use a facility that will bring you benefits

2) right to look at information that may be private or confidential

3) permission to see and talk to an important person

4) the legal right to visit your children after you are divorced

5) the means by which you can get to a place


Access is commonly used with the following verbs.

Allow access / block access / control access / deny access / gain access / give access / grant / limit access / restrict access

Access as a verb

1) to get information

2) to get to and enter a place


Don't confuse the verb access with the noun access. When access is used as a noun, it should be followed by the preposition to.

When access is used as a verb, it should be followed by a direct object. The preposition to is not used.

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