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Idioms With Arm

Cost an arm and a leg

When something costs an arm and a leg, it is very pricey. This is an informal idiom.

  • That laptop cost me an arm and a leg.
A shot in the arm

When you receive a shot in the arm, you get a sudden encouragement.

  • This industry needs a shot in the arm in the form of foreign investment.
The long arm of the law
  • No one can escape the long arm of the law.
Twist somebodyís arm

When you twist somebodyís arm you persuade them to do something they donít want to do.

  • I didnít want to go to the party, but Jane twisted my arm. (= Jane persuaded me to go.)
Keep somebody at arm's length

When you keep somebody at armís length, you donít allow them to be too friendly with you.

  • I donít know why she is keeping me at armís length.
  • I always keep strangers at armís length.

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