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Difference Between Do and Make

Do is sometimes confused with make.

Indefinite activities

We use do (and not make) when we do not say exactly what we are doing. For example, we use do with words like something, anything, nothing, what, thing and everything.

  • I like doing nothing. (NOT I like making nothing.)
  • I am going to do something. (NOT I am going to make something.)
  • What shall we do now? (NOT What shall we make now?)
Work and Jobs

We use do to talk about work and jobs.

  • Have you got any work to do? (NOT Have you got any work to make?)
  • Do your homework. (NOT Make your homework.)
  • I will do the ironing. (NOT I will make the ironing.)

Make is often used to talk about constructing, creating, building etc.

  • Who made this cake?
  • I am going to make a boat.
Common fixed expressions with do

Do good
Do harm
Do business
Do one's best
Do a favour
Do sport
Do exercise
Do one's hair
Do one's teeth
Do one's duty
Do 70mph

Common fixed expressions with make

Make a journey
Make an offer
Make arrangements
Make a suggestion
Make a plan
Make a decision
Make an attempt
Make an effort
Make an excuse
Make an exception
Make a mistake
Make a noise
Make a phone call
Make money
Make a profit
Make a fortune
Make love
Make progress
Make war
Make peace
Make a bed
Make a fire
Make a fuss
Make an enquiry
Make a comment
Make a fool of oneself

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