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Hair Idioms - Idioms Derived From the Word Hair

Idioms are common in all kinds of English, formal and informal, spoken and written. Here is a list of idioms derived from the word 'hair'.

Make someoneís hair stand on end (terrify someone)

  • The horror film really made my hair stand on end.

Curl someone's hair (frighten or shock someone)

  • The thought of having to live alone in a haunted bungalow curled my hair.

Get in someone's hair (annoy someone; disturb someone by being near them for a long period)

  • I should get something to keep the kids occupied so that they don't get in my hair while I'm working.

Not a hair out of place (if you donít have a hair out of place, your appearance is very tidy.)

  • She turned up as immaculate as ever, not a hair out of place.

A hair's breadth (a very small distance or amount)

  • We shall not give up now Ė success is within a hairís breadth.

Hair-raising (very frightening)

  • Walking through the thick forest was a hair-raising experience.

Harm a hair on someone's head (to hurt someone)

  • He absolutely loves the girl. I canít believe that he will harm a hair on her head.

Have a bad hair day (feel unattractive or unhappy all day; if a machine has a bad hair day it doesnít work properly)

  • My computer is having a bad hair day today Ė it just doesnít work properly.

Let your hair down (relax and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people will think)

  • Everybody should let their hair down once in a while.

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