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Common Idioms and Phrases with Get

Get about - spread (of news etc.)

Word soon got about that he was going to be dismissed.

Get about - travel, move from place to place

They get about quite a bit.
The Delhi Metro is the best way to get about the city.

Get something across - cause people to understand or accept it

Though he tried hard, he couldnít get the new idea across.
He could get the message across without much difficulty.

Get after - pursue; attack

Though they got after the thieves, the policemen failed to arrest them.

Get along - live sociably with somebody; manage; make progress

I donít understand how he manages to get along with her.

Get at - reach; find out

Though he tried hard, the hungry fox couldnít get at the bunch of grapes.
They are trying to get at the truth.

Get away (with) - leave; escape; avoid the penalty of

The rich lad probably believed that he would be able to get away with the murder, but he was proved wrong.

Get off - start

We got off in the morning.

Get off - escape punishment

The accused couldnít get off.
The thief got off after bribing the policeman.

Get over -overcome

He could get over the financial difficulties easily.

Get round somebody - persuade somebody to do what is desired; outwit; influence

A pretty young wife easily gets round an old husband.

Get (down) to - start

It is high time we got down to work.

Get to know - reach the stage of knowing; become familiar with

He is a nice guy when you get to know him.

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