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English Vocabulary

Common Idioms and Phrases with Take

Take a seat (= sit down)

Please take a seat. / Please take your seat.

Take power / office

The new manager will take office in March.

Take cover (= hide)

Theyíre shooting at us! Quick, take cover!

Take a risk

If you canít take risks you canít be a successful entrepreneur.

Take the credit

I did all the work, but Peter took all the credit.

Take responsibility

He took full responsibility for the failure of the project.

Take offence

Please donít take offence at my remarks.

Take interest / take an interest

I have never taken much interest in gardening.

Can take something or leave it (to not care whether you have, see or do something)

I like ice cream, but I can take it or leave it. (I donít really care whether I have ice cream or not.)

Take it from me

An expression used for emphasizing that what you are saying is true and people should believe it

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