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Some action verb idioms

Kick a habit

To kick a habit is to stop doing something habitual. This is an idiom usually used with smoking and drinking.

It is high time you kicked your smoking habit.

Another idiom that has similar meanings is Ďkick the buttí.

He is struggling hard to kick the butt. (= He is struggling hard to quit smoking.)

Kiss something goodbye

to kiss something goodbye is to forget it; to end something

We were arguing all the time, so I felt that it was time we kissed our relationship goodbye.
I lent him some money and had to kiss it goodbye.

Drop a line

to drop a line is to stay in contact, usually by mail

If you need my help, just drop me a line.

Climb the wall

to climb the wall is to become extremely impatient, excited or agitated

She is climbing the wall waiting to hear from her daughter.
I am climbing the wall waiting for an interview call.

Blow someoneís lid

to blow oneís lid is to become very angry

Johnís father blew his lid when he heard about his sonís drinking habits.

Drop a bundle

to drop a bundle is to spend a lot of money

Peter has just bought a luxury apartment. I am sure he has dropped a bundle.

Hit bottom

become very sad or depressed; when businesses hit bottom, they make loss

Our profits have hit bottom. This is our worst year ever.

Bite the bullet

to bite the bullet is to accept something difficult and try to live with it

Although Jim lost one leg in the accident, he didnít lose hope. He just bit the bullet and learned to live with it.

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