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Prepositional phrases

Following is a list of idiomatic prepositional phrases and examples. Always use these prepositional phrases as units; don't substitute other prepositions.

accuse somebody of something
She accused me of stealing her purse.

acquainted with
Peter is acquainted with my cousin John.

afraid of
I am afraid of cockroaches.

agree on (a plan)
They finally agreed on a plan.

agree to (someone else's proposal)
Did Betty agree to their demands?

angry with (sometimes at) a person for doing something
She was angry with him for lying to her.

angry at/about (a thing)
The commuters are angry about the fare hike.

anxious about (=worried about)
I am getting anxious about money.

anxious for (=eager to have)
We are all anxious for an end to this misunderstanding.

approve of
Did she approve of the vacation plan?

arrive at/in
What time do we arrive at Tokyo?

bad at
She is very bad at cooking.

belong on/in (= go, fit, have its place in/on)
Those glasses belong on the top shelf.

belong to (= be a member of)
I belong to a local athletics club.

congratulate/congratulations on something
I must congratulate you on your exam results.

contrast with
The red shirt contrasts with the pink pants.

convenient for
Is Monday convenient for you?

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