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Words ending in e

When a suffix beginning with a vowel (e.g. –ing, -able, -ous) is added to a word that ends in –e, we usually drop the –e.

make – making
hope – hoping
fame – famous
note – notable

Some words have two possible forms before –able and –age. Note that the form without –e is more common in most cases.

love – loveable or lovable
like – likeable or likable
move – moveable or movable

When final –e is not dropped

Final –e is not dropped from words ending in –ee, -oe, or –ye.

agree – agreeable
see – seeing
dye – dyeing

Final –e is not dropped from words ending in a consonant + e.

definite – definitely
complete – completely
excite – excitedly
excite – excitement


Final –e is dropped from words ending in –ue.

true – truly
argue – argument
argue – arguably

In words that end with –ce and –ge, we do not drop –e before a or o.

replace – replaceable
courage – courageous

Judg(e)ment and acknowledg(e)ment can be spelt with or without the –e after g.


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