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A synonym is a word which is similar in meaning to the given word. Here is a dictionary of synonyms.

Abandon: defection, desertion, withdrawal, secession

Abase: degrade, humiliate, embarrass

Abate: diminish, appease, lessen, reduce, deduct, decrease

Abbreviate: shorten, condense, compress, abridge, curtail

Abduct: appropriate, kidnap

Abhor: detest, loathe, hate, abominate, nauseate

Abnormal: aberrant, unnatural, eccentric, devious, anomalous, freakish

Abode: residence, home, habitation, dwelling

Abominate: detest, abhor, hate, loathe

Aborigines: natives, indigenes

Abortive: vain, incomplete, stunted, unsuccessful, failing

Absolve: clear, acquit, forgive, pardon, exonerate

Absurd: irrational, foolish, silly, senseless, unreasonable

Abundance: plenty, profusion, wealth, affluence

Accelerate: redouble, intensify, stimulate, energise, step up

Access: admission, entry, approach, entrance

Accommodate: furnish, oblige, supply

Accomplish: Consummate, achieve, fulfil, perform, effect

Accumulate: hoard, aggregate, concentrate

Accuse: slander, calumniate, malign, denigrate, tarnish, sully, blacken

Acme: apex, top, peak, climax, zenith, summit, pinnacle

Acrimonious: petulant, bitter, harsh, malignant, censorious

Adage: aphorism, saying, maxim, proverb, dictum

Adaptation: harmonization, conformation, synchronization, matching

Adhere: unite, hold, stick, cling

Adieu: valediction, goodbye, farewell

Adjacent: bordering, neighbouring, adjoining, next, close

Adjust: suit, fit, adapt, synchronise, attune, accommodate

Admonish: reprove, rebuke, censure, warn, caution, scold

Adversary: opponent, enemy, antagonist, rival, foe

Affectation: hypocrisy, pretense

Affluence: riches, wealth, plenty, abundance, opulence

Agony: distress, pain, torture, anguish, torment

Ailing: unwell, ill, poorly, sickly

Airs: mannerisms, affectation

Akin: related, kindred, similar, connected

Alien: stranger, exotic, foreigner

All: total, whole, gross, sum, aggregate

Alleviate: lessen, lighten, relieve, mollify, abate, assuage

Allure: bait, attract, seduce, lure, tempt, decoy, coax

Altercation: quarrel, dispute, strife, controversy

Amalgamate: consolidate, mingle, unite, incorporate, mingle

Amass: collect, accumulate, gather, heap, aggregate

Ambiguous: doubtful, enigmatic, dubious, uncertain

Amicable: friendly, cordial, neighbourly, peaceable

Anarchy: rioting, chaos, violence, disorder, lawlessness

Animosity: antagonism, hatred, hostility, enmity, bitterness

Annihilate: destroy, exterminate, obliterate

Apathetic: unstirred, unenthusiastic, unambitious, unimpassioned, unmoved, uninspired

Apex: summit, zenith, pinnacle

Applaud: encourage, praise, laud, approve, clap

Apposite: relevant, pertinent, appropriate

Apt: germane, appropriate, pertinent, applicable

Aroma: smell, fragrance, odour, perfume, smell

Arrogance: haughtiness, disdain, pride, insolence

Ascent: mounting, rise, elevation, height, climbing

Association: axis, federation, league, alliance

Auspicious: lucky, propitious, favourable, fortunate

Authoritarian: bossy, lordly, dictatorial, masterful, domineering, autocratic

Babble: bombast, jargon, nonsense

Banish: exile, expel, repudiate, abandon, exclude

Bandit: robber

Barbaric: wild, savage, brutish, uncivilized, uncultured, primitive

Bashful: shy, coy, demure, reserve

Beauty: grace, charm, attractiveness, elegance

Bedevil: confound, complicate, entangle, involve, embroil, confuse

Behaviour: conduct, deportment, demeanour

Belligerent: aggressive, hostile, bellicose, warlike

Bemoan: grieve, lament, mourn

Benevolence: tenderness, kindness, humanity, philanthropy, goodwill

Beseech: implore, crave, beg, appeal

Bewitch: enchant, fascinate, charm

Bizarre: curious, odd, queer, funny, peculiar, grotesque

Blasphemous: profane, impious, sacrilegious

Blemish: fault, flaw, soil, stain, speck, defect, spoil

Blunt: deaden, dull, brusque

Bond: yoke, nexus, liaison, band, tie, link

Booty: prey, plunder, spoil

Boycott: blackmail, ignore, shun, ostracise

Breeze: wind, zephyr, gale

Bridle: control, check, restrain, govern, curb

Brittle: fragile, frail, breakable

Brutal: savage, ferocious, inhuman, ruthless, cruel, coarse

Burnished: sleek, glossy, polished

Cajole: wheedle, flatter

Calamity: affliction, distress, disaster

Callous: apathetic, indifferent, insensible, unfeeling

Capricious: fickle, odd, inconstant, uncertain, whimsical, variable, changeable

Caress: fondle, kiss, hug, pet, love, pat

Castigate: admonish, punish, beat, chastise, upbraid, thrash

Celibacy: chastity, bachelorhood

Censure: scold, rebuke, admonish, reprimand, criticise

Cheap: mean, economical, uncostly, inexpensive

Cheerless: gloomy, mournful, sad, dejected, dismal

Circumstance: situation, condition, environment, factor

Clandestine: furtive, hidden, secret, surreptitious, underhand

Clemency: compassion, mercy, lenience, forgiveness

Cling: adhere, stick, hug

Clumsy: lumbering, unwieldy, blundering, awkward

Coarse: rough, crude, brutish, vulgar, impure, unpolished

Coax: wheedle, persuade, fawn, allure, seduce, cajole

Coerce: force, drive, compel

Coherent: consistent, united, logical, compact, connected

Collapse: subside, fall, break down

Colossal: gigantic, huge, mammoth, titanic, enormous

Combat: battle, resist, conflict, fight, struggle, strife

Commence: start, begin, initiate, originate, institute

Compatriot: fellow countryman

Compensatory: balancing, compensating

Competent: efficient, clever, capable, learned

Complex: complicated, winding, involved, intricate

Comprehensive: omnibus, all-embracing

Conceal: hide, screen, cloak, suppress, disguise

Conciliatory: pacific, peace-making

Concrete: real, cement, firm, tangible, consolidated

Condemn: doom, convict, blame, sentence, damn, disapprove

Confess: concede, aver, grant, acknowledge, admit

Conformity: congruity, compliance, harmony, agreement

Congenial: pleasant, concordant, favourable, agreeable

Connect: annex, tag, clip, contact, attach

Connoisseur: critic, judge, expert

Consensus: unanimity, concord, unison, agreement

Consolidate: solidify, cement, solder, weld, unite, conglutinate

Constitute: form, make, construct, organise, build, compose

Constrain: impel, coerce, urge, force

Consume: waste, eat, devour, use

Contend: strive, combat, strive, struggle, tussle, wrestle, grapple, campaign, fight

Continuity: tenaciousness, cohesion

Contrary: counter, opposite, conflicting, antagonistic

Conversant: learned, experienced, proficient, skilled

Cooperation: sympathy, coexistence, league, amity, compatibility

Copy: replica, reproduction, impression

Cosmopolitan: universal, general

Counsel: caution, suggest, advise

Counterfeit: forged, fake, false, spurious, imitate, copy, feign

Covet: want, desire, yearn, hanker after, long for

Cram: fill, squeeze, choke, stuff, study, compress

Crony: associate, ally, companion, mate, friend

Curb: control, restrain, repress, moderate, check

Curial: judicial, judicatory, inquisitorial

Cynical: waspish, sneering, fractious, ill-tempered

Damn: scold, denounce, curse, swear

Dandy: puppy, man about town, coxcomb

Dangerous: risky, dreadful, fearsome, hazardous, awesome

Dazzle: bewilder, confuse, daze

Dear: expensive, costly

Decayed: putrefied, rotten, decomposed

Deceit: guile, knavery, fraud, bluff

Deduce: gather, infer, conclude

Defective: imperfect, blemish, inadequate, faulty, flaw

Deference: esteem, honour, respect, veneration, reverence

Defiant: proud, provocative, bellicose, arrogant, disobedient, militant

Degrading: demeaning, lowering, ignominious, derogatory

Degree: ratio, scale, proportion

Deity: god, providence, omnipotence

Demise: death, eternal, rest, expiry, decease

Demolish: destroy, raze, dismantle, overthrow

Denounce: defame, threaten, accuse, upbraid, censure

Deplore: criticise, bemoan, mourn, bewail, grieve, lament

Deprive: bereave, rob, divest, strip, dispossess

Derision: contempt, scorn, ridicule, mockery, disrespect

Descend: drop, fall, sink, dismount, alight

Designate: term, entitle, denominate, define, call, name

Deter: prevent, warn, dissuade, restrain, discourage

Detest: hate, dislike, loathe, abhor, abominate

Detract: defame, belittle, lessen, disparage, slander, vilify

Devastate: ravage, despoil, destroy, sack, desolate, plunder

Deviate: deflect, stray, digress, err, swerve, veer, wander

Devil: fiend, imp, Satan

Devious: ambiguous, distorted, crooked, erratic, deviating

Devoid: release, empty, exempt from, immune from

Diatribe: tirade, abuse, invective, reviling, effusion

Diffuse: scatter, spread, disperse, circulate, propagate

Diminish: reduce, lessen, retrench, abate, decrease, subside

Diplomatic: prudent, tactful, sagacious, careful, wise, knowing

Disarray: derangement, disorder, confusion, muddle

Disclaim: reject, deny, renounce, disavow, disown

Discontinue: intervene, interrupt, interject, interpose, punctuate

Discord: dissension, disagreement, contention, rupture

Disdain: despise, contempt, scorn, sneer, haughtiness

Disfigure: deform, cripple, maim, deface

Disgrace: shame, disfavour, taint, tarnish, humiliate

Disgust: repel, offend, displease, nauseate, distaste

Dishonest: fraudulent, guile, trickery, crooked

Disinterested: dispassionate, impersonal, detached, impartial, indifferent, uninvolved

Disjoin: dissociate, disunite, sever, unplug, disconnect

Dislike: detestation, repugnance, loathing, disfavour, disaffection, abhorrence

Dismal: depressed, bleak, gloomy, lugubrious, dreary

Disorder: muddle, anarchy, chaos, incoordination

Divine: sublime, sacred, celestial, luminous, superhuman, holy

Dogmatic: overbearing, dictatorial, arrogant, arbitrary

Dormant: sleeping, inert, inactive, undeveloped, quiescent

Doubtful: ambiguous, undecided, vacillating, uncertain

Dreadful: alarming, dire, awful, terrible, fearful, horrible

Drown: immerse, suffocate, submerge

Drunk: intoxicated, inebriated, tight, elevated, exhilarated, flushed

Dwelling: domicile, abode, residence, quarters, home, house

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