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A synonym is a word which has a similar meaning to the given word.

Earnest: keen, serious, impressive, solemn, sincere, sublimity

Eccentricity: anomaly, peculiarity, exception, informality

Ecclesiastical: heavenly, theocratic, churchly

Edifice: fabric, erection, building, structure

Effective: efficient, competent, able, active

Effeminate: feminine, soft, womanly

Effulgence: haughtiness, shamelessness, arrogance

Elegance: grace, culture, aestheticism

Eligible: worthy, able, fit, preferable, qualified

Eloquent: impassioned, fluent, flowing, persuasive

Elusive: deceptive, illusory, evasive

Emaciated: thin, skinny, gaunt, lanky, lean, wasted

Emancipate: liberate, free, release, unshackle

Embezzle: pilfer, misappropriate, purloin

Emigrate: depart, travel abroad, migrate

Empiric: tentative, hypothetical, experimental

Emulate: copy, imitate

Ending: terminal, final, ultimate, last, polar, crowing, conclusive

Endorse: enact, legislate, ordain, enforce

Enhance: augment, increase, swell, heighten, advance

Enigma: mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, secret

Enmity: hatred, hostility, malice, aversion, animosity

Enormous: colossal, vast, immense, monumental

Enrage: discompose, upset, ruffle, irritate, vex, anger, annoy

Enthrall: hold, captivate, charm

Entreat: beseech, beg, crave, implore, supplicate

Envoy: legate, ambassador, plenipotentiary

Ephemeral: short, fleeting, brief, momentary

Epigrammatic: poignant, concise, graphic, laconic, sharp

Erotic: amatory, erotogenic, aphrodisiac

Ethnic: tribal, racial, clannish

Equanimity: self-possessed, serenity, collected, calmness

Equilibrium: balance, poise, equipoise, steadiness

Eradicate: destroy, uproot, abolish, exterminate, annihilate

Erroneous: mistaken, false, untrue, wrong, inexact

Escapade: caper, prank, adventure, frolic, indiscretion

Esoteric: private, secret, inner

Eternal: everlasting, infinite, ceaseless, endless

Ethical: decent, proper, moral, aboveboard

Exaggerate: stretch, overestimate, overstate, magnify

Excellent: awesome, overwhelming, awe-inspiring, breath-taking

Existence: absoluteness, being, life

Exponent: example, advocate, representative

Extempore: impromptu, on the spur of the moment, at once

Extensive: vast, far-stretching, far-flying, far-ranging

Fame: glory, renown, reputation

Fatal: pernicious, mortal, deadly, lethal, destructive

Fatigue: extort, overtax, suck, squeeze, grind, exhaust, tiredness

Fatuous: idiotic, absurd, folly, stupid, foolish

Feeble: languid, frail, faint, weak

Feelingly: earnestly, devoutly, sincerely

Fervent: passionate, intense, earnest, impassioned, fervid

Fickle: wavering, changeable, irresolute, unsteady, amenable

First: original, natal, maiden, initial

Flatterer: parasite, sycophant, jackal, sponger

Forgiving: condoning, forbearing

Foreigner: stranger, alien, expatriate, outlandish

Fragmentary: broken, in bits, crumbly

Fragrance: aroma, smell

Fraud: deception, imposture, duplicity

Friction: interception, interference, interruption, intervention, interposition

Frigid: chilly, cold, nipping, biting, shivering

Fructify: multiply, impregnate, generate

Gab: chatter, jabber, twaddle, prattle

Generalise: widen, universalise, broaden

Generous: magnanimous, liberal, beautiful

Gesticulate: nudge, gesture, nod, beck, wink

Given: gratuitous, gratis, bestowed, gifted

Gluttony: rapacity, voracity, greediness, insatiability

Grave: solemn, sober, staid, demure, stern

Greatness: enormousness, vastness, bigness

Greed: covetousness, rapacity, bountiful, magnanimous, gratefulness, indebtedness

Group: galaxy, constellation, flock, bevy, flight, unit, cluster

Hallucination: illusion, delusion, dream, self-deceit

Handsome: graceful, elegant, exquisite, beautiful

Harass: afflict, inflict, trouble

Hard: rigorous, intolerant, severe, cruel, harsh

Heap: gather, collect, board, store, pile

Heathen: materialist, amoralist, barbarous, pagan, infidel

Henpecked: enslaved, under one’s thumb

Hindrance: obstruction, impediment, hampering, restriction, barrier

Hire: lease, farm, rent, charter

Hoodwink: mystify, deceive, puzzle, lead astray

Humbled: withered, faded, tarnished, discredited

Hymn: religious lyric, psalm, paean, anthem

Hypocritical: treasonous, disloyal, traitorous

Illegal: illegitimate, illicit, impermissible, contraband

Imitate: parrot, flatter, echo, reflect, mirror

Inaptitude: incapacity, incompetence, unfitness

Indict: complain, charge, convict, impeach, arraign

Inferior: subsidiary, subordinate, junior, lower, auxiliary, secondary, assistant

Inimical: disenchanted, unfriendly, loveless, unsympathetic

Insolence: naughtiness, loftiness, arrogance, hubris

Intact: unaffected, untouched, unimpaired, uncensored, unabridged

Intolerable: impossible, insufferable, extreme, unbearable

Join: yoke, unite, conjoin, assemble, hyphenate, bracket

Jolly: lively, jubilant, merry, gay, jovial, joyous, hilarious, mirthful, festive

Justice: equity, right, integrity, fairness, justness, impartiality

Keen: penetrating, eager, acute, sharp

Kill: assassinate, murder, slay, massacre, butcher, slaughter, destroy

Kinship: alliance, relationship

Knowledge: erudition, scholarship, education, learning

Large: considerable, substantial, sizeable, massy, massive, bulky

Lax: slack, loose, disorganised, decentralised

Lenient: tender, gentle, tolerant, mild, squeamish

Modesty: meekness, unpretentiousness, resignation, self-effacement, self-depreciation

Native: original, indigenous, primitive, real, intrinsic

Natural: normal, consistent, usual, regular, inevitable

Necessary: expedient, indispensable, requisite, essential, inevitable, unavoidable, needful

Neighbouring: contiguous, adjacent, proximate, close to, near to

Nervous: hesitant, timid, shaky, timorous, apprehensive, fearful

Noble: dignified, stately, lordly, magnanimous, exalted

Obstruct: shield, fortify, hinder, armour

Occultist: mystic, theosophist, alchemist, esoteric

Offender: scoundrel, villain, imposter, crook

Ornamental: fancy, decorative, quaint, picturesque, glamorous

Opponent: antagonist, adversary

Opposition: friction, hostility, recrimination, dissonance, disharmony

Oppress: tyrannise, intimidate, terrorise

Overstep: surpass, exceed, eclipse, outshine, overshadow

Patience: tolerance, sufferance, endurance, forbearance

Plebian: simple, common, ignoble, untitled

Plenitude: abundance, saturation, fullness, maximum

Precursor: forbear, ancestor, predecessor

Prodigal: spendthrift, waster, spender, squanderer

Profane: infidel, pagan, unholy, unsanctified, sacrilegious

Promote: elevate, ennoble, honour

Quake: tremble, shake, quiver, shiver, stutter, shudder

Quantify: allot, rate, ration

Queer: abnormal, eccentric, strange, whimsical, quaint, peculiar, wayward, odd

Referral: mention, allusion, quotation, citation

Relation: reference, regard, rapport, respect

Remainder: residual, result, residue, left over

Repentant: apologetic, remorseful, contrite, regretful

Ridiculous: ironical, sardonic, sarcastic, derisive, regretful

Relinquish: disclaim, surrender, forgo, retire, waive

Repulsive: ugly, odious, revolting, offensive, loathsome, repelling

Renounce: abdicate, leave, abandon, discard

Retaliatory: revengeful, retributive

Ritualistic: ceremonious, formalistic, Sabbatarian

Rumour: scandal, hearsay

Scission: dichotomy, division, cleavage, section

Secluded: retired, hidden, buried, private, sequestered

Selfish: narcissistic, egoistic, self-absorbed, egocentric

Sensual: unspiritual, earthly, gross

Sequent: next, incoming, ensuing, succeeding, following

Shortening: excision, amputation, severance, detraction

Similarity: loftiness, transcendence, sublimity

Sorcery: wizardry, witchery, magic, spellbinding

Sort: variety, kind, order, type

Stimulate: instigate, urge, incite, provoke

Spontaneous: unchecked, instinctive, unrestricted, natural

Suppress: restrain, bridle, impede, check

Survivor: heir, inheritor, successor, finisher

Tasteful: choice, exquisite, gracious, dignified

Temperament: mood, spirit, temper, disposition, humour

Terminate: determinate, decide, consummate, conclude, close, finish

Thankless: bootless, rewardless

Theory: doctrine, supposition, belief, speculation, assumption, presumption, hypothesis

Tough: tenacious, firm, strong, fibrous, leathery, rigid, durable, rough

Tragedy: disaster, calamity, catastrophe, affliction

Travel: journey, voyage, roam, wander, ramble

Tremble: oscillate, tremble, quake, quiver, shiver, shudder, vibrate

True: accurate, faithful, authentic, veracious, exact

Turmoil: tumult, turbulence, storm, frenzy, convulsion, upheaval, turbulence

Tyrant: despot, bully, oppressor, autocrat, persecutor

Unbeaten: invincible, undefeated, unbeatable

Understand: apprehend, perceive, grasp, realise, discern

Unfair: partial, dishonest, unjust, wrongful, dishonourable

Unfortunate: unlucky, doomed, luckless, ill-fated, star-crossed

Uninitiated: unique, transcendent, inimitable, unplagiarised

Unravel: unweave, untwine, untwist, untangle, uncoil

Urge: incite, spur, prompt, goad, impel, force, drive, stimulate

Use: exercise, utilise, employ, occupy, practise

Vacant: void, empty, exhausted, unoccupied, unfulfilled

Vain: brazen, conceited, shameless, unblushing, unabashed

Variegated: trimmed, embroidered, inlaid, enameled

Veracity: frankness, reality, honesty, truthfulness

Vibrate: swing, oscillate, quiver, shake, shiver, sway

Vice: infirmity, fault, frailty, foible, demerit

Vindicator: loyalist, patron, guard, escort, paladin, sentinel

Violent: savage, atrocious, excessive

Virtuous: pious, scrupulous, honest, law-abiding, stainless, incorruptible, principled, soul-searching

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