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Word combinations with preposition of

It is not always easy to know which preposition to use after a particular noun, adjective or verb. Here is a list of some common word combinations with the preposition of.

Accuse somebody of something

She accused me of stealing her flowers.

Afraid of

He is afraid of the dark.

Details of

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Die of

A week after the accident she died of her injuries.

Note that die can also be followed by from.

Dream of (= think about, imagine)

I often dream of being a great writer.

Dream about / of (while asleep)

Could you tell me what it means if you dream of snakes?

Example of

She is an example of patience and perseverance.

Get out of a car, taxi or small boat

The idea of -ing

I dont like the idea of getting old.

Independent of

Now that she has got a good job she can be independent of her parents.

Lack of

Lack of time prevented me from writing.

Proof of

I want proof of your love.

Remind of

She reminds me of Princess Diana.

The thought of

I hate the thought of going back to work.

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