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Word combinations with preposition with

Agree with (a person, opinion or policy)

I agree with you.

He left the firm because he couldnít agree with their production policy.

Angry with (a person for doing something)

I donít know why she is angry with me.

Angry can also be used with at.

Blue with cold, green with envy, red with anger etc

He was red with anger when he heard the news.

Difficulty with (something)

He said that he was having difficulty with his travel arrangements.

Disappointed with somebody

I am quite disappointed with him.

Disappointed with / at / about somebody

You must be disappointed with your performance.

Fight with

They are constantly fighting with each other.

Ill with

He has been ill with malaria this week.

Impressed with / by

I was very impressed with his performance.

Pleased with

I am not very pleased with him.

Speak with (US); speak to (GB and US)

Could I speak with the manager for a moment?

Wrong with

What is wrong with you?

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