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English words for emotions - part 2

Here are some words that you can use to talk about emotions.


Ecstatic: extremely happy

She was ecstatic when they declared her as the winner.


When you are excited you feel strongly about something.

We are excited about this new turn of events.

She was so excited that she couldnít sleep.


You become emotional when you have strong feelings (joy or sorrow) that make you cry.

He became quite emotional when his long lost son returned home.

Envious: when you want something that someone else has

Iím envious of her new car. I wish I had a similar one.

He is envious of his brotherís success.

Note the preposition of.

Embarrassed: slightly ashamed

Her parents were embarrassed by her conduct.


Furious: very angry

She was furious with me for waking her up in the middle of the night.

Her silence made him furious.

Note the preposition with.

Frightened: be filled with fear

The child was frightened by a mouse that ran into the room.

She is frightened of dying.

She is frightened of the dark.

Note the preposition of. In some cases, by is also used.


Great: very good

I feel great today.



I was happy to hear the good news.

Horrified: very shocked

Iím horrified by the amount of violence shown on TV.


Irritated: annoyed

I got irritated when he entered my room without knocking.


Jealous: envious

He is jealous of his brotherís new house.



When you are keen on something, you are interested in it.

She is keen on becoming a pilot.


Lazy: unwilling to work

He is a lazy boy.


Nonplussed: surprised and confused that you donít know how to react; perplexed

I was nonplussed when he asked me to marry him.


Overwhelmed: confused; surprised; perplexed

I was overwhelmed with joy when I first saw my babyís cute little face.

She was overwhelmed with grief when she heard the news.

Note the preposition with. Sometimes by is also used.


Relaxed: less tense

I felt completely relaxed after having a hot bath.

Reluctant: unwilling to do something

He was reluctant to let me in.


Seething: extremely angry; agitated

The opposition launched a seething attack on the government.


The news made me sad.

Scared: frightened

She is scared of the dark.

Stressed: being worried or anxious about something

Iím stressed out by these tight deadlines.


Terrific: fantastic

Her performance was terrific.

Terrible: causing great fear, sorrow or discomfort.

It was a terrible experience.

Terrified: filled with fear

Iím terrified of the dark.

Tense = not relaxed

What happened? You look a bit tense.


Upset = angry or unhappy

She seemed upset.

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