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English words for emotions

Here are some words that you can use to talk about emotions.


Angry (adjective); anger (noun); angered (verb)

When you are angry you are filled with anger.

Susie was angry with me for lying to her.

Note the preposition with. We get angry with people for doing something. At is also possible in some cases. We can also become angry about something.

A lot of people are angry about the new tax law.

Annoyed (adjective); annoy (verb); annoyance (noun)

To annoy somebody is to make them rather angry.

Iím very annoyed with him. He refused to lend me his car.

Her rudeness annoyed me.

Note that we get annoyed with people. We get annoyed by things.

She was annoyed by the loud music.

Appalled: very shocked

Susie was appalled to hear that Mike had an accident.

Apprehensive: anxious

I am apprehensive about my exam results.

Ashamed: feeling shame

You should be ashamed of your conduct.


Bewildered = very confused

She had a bewildered expression on her face.

The choice of computers available today can bewilder an average Joe.


To betray somebody is to break the trust they have in you.

He was betrayed by his friends.



I couldnít understand what was happening. I was confused.


When you are confident you are sure of your capabilities.

She is confident of her success. OR She is confident that she will win.

Note the preposition of.


When you feel cheated, you think that you didnít get what you deserved.

I felt cheated when my best friend went on a date with my boyfriend.

Cross: very angry

She was cross with me for using her computer without her permission.

Note the preposition with.


Depressed = very sad

She was depressed because she didnít know what to do.

Delighted: very happy

I was delighted to find your letter in my mailbox.

Iím delighted that I have won the first prize. I worked really hard for this.


She was disappointed with her son.

I am disappointed about my exam results.

Note the prepositions: disappointed with somebody; disappointed with / about / at something

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