Autobiography writing tips

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A biography is the account of the life of a person written by someone else. For instance, Boswell’s ‘Life of Johnson’ is a biography. An autobiography is the story of a person’s life written by himself. Examples are Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Autobiography’ and Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘My experiments with Truth’.

Autobiography Writing Tips

When you write the autobiography of an animal or an inanimate object, you must try to put yourself in the position of the object or animal you are writing about and imagine the things it would feel, see, hear or say if it were alive.

Write in the first person.

Try to make the story as interesting as possible. Use simple language.

What to Avoid?

Don’t commit the mistake of making animals say things that are impossible or illogical. For instance, you must end the autobiography before the animal dies. How can an animal write after its death?


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