Letters of condolence

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A letter of condolence is tangible proof that the person cared enough to write. It is therefore more appreciated than a phone call. Many people keep meaningful letters of condolence and reread them in times of pain.

Letters of condolence should always be handwritten. They must be written with tact and sincerity. Write promptly after the person's loss.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Show the person that you care and you have been affected by the loss.
  • Keep the letter sincere. Write from the heart.
  • Use a compassionate and sorrowful tone.
  • Include specific details about the person's admirable traits.
  • Don't try to show that your loss is greater than the person's loss. It isn't.
  • Donít rehash the tragedy and the gory details.
  • Donít tell them their loved one is in a better place. They may not share your value system.
  • Donít offer something you can't deliver.
  • Donít use stock phrases from greeting cards.
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