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Posted by Manjusha Filed in English Writing

Contractions are forms like don't and I'm. They represent the pronunciation of informal speech. They are common and correct in informal writing too.

Contracted forms are given in brackets.

  • I am   (I'm)
  • I have   (I've)
  • I will   (I'll)
  • I had/would   (I'd)
  • You are   (You're)
  • You have   (You've)
  • You will   (You'll)
  • You had/would   (You'd)
  • He is/ has   (He's)
  • He will   (He'll)
  • He had/would   (He'd)
  • She is/has   (She's)
  • She will   (She'll)
  • She had/would   (She'd)
  • It is/ has   (It's)
  • We are   (We're)
  • We have   (We've)
  • We will   (We'll)
  • We had/would   (We'd)
  • They are   (They're)
  • They have   (They've)
  • They will   (They'll)
  • They had/would   (They'd)
  • There is/has   (There's)
  • There will   (There'll)
  • There had/would   (There'd)
  • Are not   (Aren't)
  • Cannot   (Can't)
  • Could not   (Couldn't)
  • Dare not   (Daren't)
  • Did not   (Didn't)
  • Does not   (Doesn't)
  • Do not   (Don't)
  • Had not   (Hadn't)
  • Has not   (Hasn't)
  • Have not   (Haven't)
  • Is not   (Isn't)
  • Might not   (Mightn't)
  • Must not   (Mustn't)
  • Need not   (Needn't)
  • Ought not   (Oughtn't)
  • Shall not   (Shan't)
  • Should not   (Shouldn't)
  • Used not   (Usedn't)
  • Was not   (Wasn't)
  • Were not   (Weren't)
  • Will not   (Won't)
  • Would not   (Wouldn't)

1. In non-standard English, ain't is used as a contraction of am not, are not, is not, have not and has not.

  • He ain't going to come. (= He is not going to come.)
  • Don't talk to me like that - you ain't my master. (= You are not my master.)
  • I ain't got anything to read. (= I have not got anything to read.)

2. Daren't, shan't and usedn't are not often used in American English.

3. Am not is not normally contracted in questions. We use aren't.

  • I am late, aren't I? (NOT ... amn't I)


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